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Calendar YearDistrictIndicator NameIndicator ValueUnit
2008KottayamBirth rate14.22per 1000 population
2008IdukkiBirth rate13.66per 1000 population
2008ErnakulamBirth rate14.60per 1000 population
2008ThrissurBirth rate16.67per 1000 population
2008PalakkadBirth rate14.06per 1000 population
2008MalappuramBirth rate20.75per 1000 population
2008KozhikodeBirth rate18.08per 1000 population
2008WayanadBirth rate16.67per 1000 population
2008KannurBirth rate18.71per 1000 population
2008KasaragodBirth rate15.85per 1000 population
2008ThiruvananthapuramDeath Rate7.41per 1000 population
2008KollamDeath Rate6.06per 1000 population
2008PathanamthittaDeath Rate7.86per 1000 population
2008AlappuzhaDeath Rate6.61per 1000 population
2008KottayamDeath Rate7.83per 1000 population
2008IdukkiDeath Rate5.39per 1000 population
2008ErnakulamDeath Rate7.64per 1000 population
2008ThrissurDeath Rate7.90per 1000 population
2008PalakkadDeath Rate5.80per 1000 population
2008MalappuramDeath Rate4.21per 1000 population
2008KozhikodeDeath Rate7.14per 1000 population
2008WayanadDeath Rate4.70per 1000 population
2008KannurDeath Rate6.42per 1000 population
2008KasaragodDeath Rate4.98per 1000 population
2008ThiruvananthapuramStill Birth Rate4.36per 1000 live births+still births
2008KollamStill Birth Rate1.65per 1000 live births+still births
2008PathanamthittaStill Birth Rate1.84per 1000 live births+still births
2008AlappuzhaStill Birth Rate3.95per 1000 live births+still births
2008KottayamStill Birth Rate6.88per 1000 live births+still births
2008IdukkiStill Birth Rate2.56per 1000 live births+still births
2008ErnakulamStill Birth Rate3.97per 1000 live births+still births
2008ThrissurStill Birth Rate1.55per 1000 live births+still births
2008PalakkadStill Birth Rate3.26per 1000 live births+still births
2008MalappuramStill Birth Rate2.07per 1000 live births+still births
2008KozhikodeStill Birth Rate7.77per 1000 live births+still births
2008WayanadStill Birth Rate1.17per 1000 live births+still births
2008KannurStill Birth Rate5.96per 1000 live births+still births
2008KasaragodStill Birth Rate1.44per 1000 live births+still births
2008ThiruvananthapuramMaternal Mortality Ratio32.00per one lakh live births
2008KollamMaternal Mortality Ratio8.00per one lakh live births
2008PathanamthittaMaternal Mortality Ratio30.00per one lakh live births
2008AlappuzhaMaternal Mortality Ratio17.00per one lakh live births
2008KottayamMaternal Mortality Ratio10.00per one lakh live births
2008IdukkiMaternal Mortality Ratio19.00per one lakh live births
2008ErnakulamMaternal Mortality Ratio60.00per one lakh live births
2008ThrissurMaternal Mortality Ratio17.00per one lakh live births
2008PalakkadMaternal Mortality Ratio13.00per one lakh live births
2008MalappuramMaternal Mortality Ratio21.00per one lakh live births
2008KozhikodeMaternal Mortality Ratio9.00per one lakh live births
2008WayanadMaternal Mortality Ratio28.00per one lakh live births

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