The Evaluation of Soil Conservation division conducts annual evaluation study of the schemes implemented by the Soil Conservation Department.

Scheme Established:1973
Evaluation of Soil Conservation

Evaluation of Soil Conservation

               Since 1973, Department of Economics & Statistics has been conducting Evaluation Survey of Soil Conservation Schemes implemented by Soil Survey and Soil Conservation Department. The survey aims to assess the effectiveness of measures taken under soil conservation, its impact on watershed projects being implemented, crop production, productivity, water level and moisture content.

               In each district, a scheme is selected using a simple random sampling method for evaluation study from a list of all soil conservation projects completed by the Soil Conservation Department three years ago. The study covers all the beneficiaries involved in the soil conservation scheme. In addition, a control plot from outside the project area is selected in order to identify the benefits of the project area gained through the project. The control plot is selected in such a way that the number of households in the control plot should be 20% of the number of beneficiaries of the scheme.

The period of the evaluation survey is an agricultural year. The reports of the survey are prepared and published every year.

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