Area enumeration Survey - EARAS 2023-24

Area enumeration and crop cutting surveys for assessing the area and production of various principal crops for the agriculture year 2023-24 are commenced from July 2023 in the State. The survey covers all rural and urban localbodies in Kerala. Assesing the yield rate for crop insurance is also part of the survey. 


Agriculture Census 2021-22

The Eleventh Agriculture Census (2021-22) was launched by the Hon’ble Union Minister of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare on 28th July 2022 in New Delhi. The field work of agriculture census in Kerala started in January 2023 and the field work is progressing all over the State.


Cost of Cultivation Survey 2023-24

This survey is conducted to collect information related to the cost of cultivation of important agricultural crops in the state. The Cost of Cultivation Survey for the year 2023-24 survey started in July2023.


Soil Conservation Survey 2023-24

Soil Conservation Survey is an evaluation study of the soil conservation / flood prevention projects  implemented by the Soil Conservation department in each district. The survey for the year  2023-24 started in July 2023.     


ASI Survey (Annual Survey of Industries)

Annual Survey of Industries is one of the major surveys conducted annualy by DES on a financial year basis  on the organized/ registered manufacturing sectors with the assistance of NSO. The survey is conducted to estimate the contribution of the  industrial sector to the country’s growth.The survey for the year 2020-21 started in April 2023.


BSLLD Survey

The objective of the survey is collecting and codifying the basic information of each panchayat and making data available as required for the local level development of the local self governing institutions. The data collection for the years 2020-21, 2021-22 and 2022-23 are progressong.


Wage Structure Survey

Wage Structure Survey is conducted for a period of five years. The on going survey started in 2022 and ends in 2027. The main objective of the survey is focused on collection of wage details of lobourers in construction units and selected shops for determining  their wages scale.The data collection for the first quarter of the year 2023-24 is going on.


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