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Calendar YearDistrictIndicator NameIndicator ValueUnit
2007KozhikodeDeath Rate7.09per 1000 population
2007WayanadDeath Rate4.76per 1000 population
2007KannurDeath Rate6.23per 1000 population
2007KasaragodDeath Rate5.11per 1000 population
2007ThiruvananthapuramInfant Mortality Rate14.52per 1000 live births
2007KollamInfant Mortality Rate2.69per 1000 live births
2007PathanamthittaInfant Mortality Rate6.02per 1000 live births
2007AlappuzhaInfant Mortality Rate4.00per 1000 live births
2007KottayamInfant Mortality Rate5.83per 1000 live births
2007IdukkiInfant Mortality Rate5.07per 1000 live births
2007ErnakulamInfant Mortality Rate9.10per 1000 live births
2007ThrissurInfant Mortality Rate12.53per 1000 live births
2007PalakkadInfant Mortality Rate4.07per 1000 live births
2007MalappuramInfant Mortality Rate5.86per 1000 live births
2007KozhikodeInfant Mortality Rate18.50per 1000 live births
2007WayanadInfant Mortality Rate10.18per 1000 live births
2007KannurInfant Mortality Rate5.79per 1000 live births
2007KasaragodInfant Mortality Rate3.57per 1000 live births
2007ThiruvananthapuramStill Birth Rate9.03per 1000 live births+still births
2007KollamStill Birth Rate2.71per 1000 live births+still births
2007PathanamthittaStill Birth Rate3.22per 1000 live births+still births
2007AlappuzhaStill Birth Rate6.27per 1000 live births+still births
2007KottayamStill Birth Rate6.98per 1000 live births+still births
2007IdukkiStill Birth Rate1.22per 1000 live births+still births
2007ErnakulamStill Birth Rate6.37per 1000 live births+still births
2007ThrissurStill Birth Rate5.35per 1000 live births+still births
2007PalakkadStill Birth Rate4.31per 1000 live births+still births
2007MalappuramStill Birth Rate4.94per 1000 live births+still births
2007KozhikodeStill Birth Rate9.24per 1000 live births+still births
2007WayanadStill Birth Rate7.66per 1000 live births+still births
2007KannurStill Birth Rate6.95per 1000 live births+still births
2007KasaragodStill Birth Rate6.38per 1000 live births+still births
2007ThiruvananthapuramMaternal Mortality Ratio35.00per one lakh live births
2007KollamMaternal Mortality Ratio13.00per one lakh live births
2007PathanamthittaMaternal Mortality Ratio11.00per one lakh live births
2007AlappuzhaMaternal Mortality Ratio8.00per one lakh live births
2007KottayamMaternal Mortality Ratio3.00per one lakh live births
2007IdukkiMaternal Mortality Ratio6.00per one lakh live births
2007ErnakulamMaternal Mortality Ratio53.00per one lakh live births
2007ThrissurMaternal Mortality Ratio15.00per one lakh live births
2007PalakkadMaternal Mortality Ratio22.00per one lakh live births
2007MalappuramMaternal Mortality Ratio19.00per one lakh live births
2007KozhikodeMaternal Mortality Ratio14.00per one lakh live births
2007WayanadMaternal Mortality Ratio6.00per one lakh live births
2007KannurMaternal Mortality Ratio6.00per one lakh live births
2007KasaragodMaternal Mortality Ratio24.00per one lakh live births
2008ThiruvananthapuramBirth rate14.43per 1000 population
2008KollamBirth rate13.53per 1000 population
2008PathanamthittaBirth rate13.27per 1000 population
2008AlappuzhaBirth rate10.59per 1000 population

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