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state income values

Financial YearSDP typeSDP ItemItem ValueItem UnitItem GrowthGrowth Unit
2017-18GSDP at constant pricesSDP Total51618976.00Rs. in lakhs6.36%
2017-18GSDP at constant pricesPercapita SDP149650.00Rs.5.84%
2017-18NSDP at current pricesSDP Total63209367.00Rs. in lakhs10.78%
2017-18NSDP at current pricesPercapita SDP183252.00Rs.10.23%
2017-18NSDP at constant pricesSDP Total47318179.00Rs. in lakhs6.66%
2017-18NSDP at constant pricesPercapita SDP137181.00Rs.6.14%
2018-19GSDP at current pricesSDP Total78828558.00Rs. in lakhs12.36%
2018-19GSDP at current pricesPercapita SDP227397.00Rs.11.80%
2018-19GSDP at constant pricesSDP Total55422831.00Rs. in lakhs7.37%
2018-19GSDP at constant pricesPercapita SDP159878.00Rs.6.84%
2018-19NSDP at current pricesSDP Total71216110.00Rs. in lakhs12.67%
2018-19NSDP at current pricesPercapita SDP205437.00Rs.12.11%
2018-19NSDP at constant pricesSDP Total51078693.00Rs. in lakhs7.95%
2018-19NSDP at constant pricesPercapita SDP147347.00Rs.7.41%
2019-20GSDP at current pricesSDP Total81293463.00Rs. in lakhs3.13%
2019-20GSDP at current pricesPercapita SDP233338.00Rs.2.61%
2019-20GSDP at constant pricesSDP Total55919418.00Rs. in lakhs0.90%
2019-20GSDP at constant pricesPercapita SDP160506.00Rs.0.39%
2019-20NSDP at current pricesSDP Total72772184.00Rs. in lakhs2.19%
2019-20NSDP at current pricesPercapita SDP208879.00Rs.1.68%
2019-20NSDP at constant pricesSDP Total51455269.00Rs. in lakhs0.74%
2019-20NSDP at constant pricesPercapita SDP147693.00Rs.0.23%
2020-21GSDP at current pricesSDP Total77100866.00Rs. in lakhs-5.16%
2020-21GSDP at current pricesPercapita SDP220196.00Rs.-5.63%
2020-21GSDP at constant pricesSDP Total51207608.00Rs. in lakhs-8.43%
2020-21GSDP at constant pricesPercapita SDP146246.00Rs.-8.88%
2020-21NSDP at current pricesSDP Total68041366.00Rs. in lakhs-6.50%
2020-21NSDP at current pricesPercapita SDP194322.00Rs.-6.97%
2020-21NSDP at constant pricesSDP Total46464345.00Rs. in lakhs-9.70%
2020-21NSDP at constant pricesPercapita SDP132700.00Rs.-10.15%
2021-22GSDP at current pricesSDP Total90692093.00Rs. in lakhs17.63%
2021-22GSDP at current pricesPercapita SDP257711.00Rs.17.04%
2021-22GSDP at constant pricesSDP Total57359146.00Rs. in lakhs12.01%
2021-22GSDP at constant pricesPercapita SDP162992.00Rs.11.45%
2021-22NSDP at current pricesSDP Total80506274.00Rs. in lakhs18.32%
2021-22NSDP at current pricesPercapita SDP228767.00Rs.17.73%
2021-22NSDP at constant pricesSDP Total52361222.00Rs. in lakhs12.69%
2021-22NSDP at constant pricesPercapita SDP148790.00Rs.12.13%

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