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state income values

Financial YearSDP typeSDP ItemItem ValueItem UnitItem GrowthGrowth Unit
2011-12GSDP at current pricesSDP Total36404788.00Rs. in lakhs%
2011-12GSDP at current pricesPercapita SDP108666.00Rs.%
2011-12GSDP at constant pricesSDP Total36404789.00Rs. in lakhs%
2011-12GSDP at constant pricesPercapita SDP108666.00Rs.%
2011-12NSDP at current pricesSDP Total32802112.00Rs. in lakhs%
2011-12NSDP at current pricesPercapita SDP97912.00Rs.%
2011-12NSDP at constant pricesSDP Total32802112.00Rs. in lakhs%
2011-12NSDP at constant pricesPercapita SDP97912.00Rs.%
2012-13GSDP at current pricesSDP Total41231300.00Rs. in lakhs13.26%
2012-13GSDP at current pricesPercapita SDP122471.00Rs.12.70%
2012-13GSDP at constant pricesSDP Total38769346.00Rs. in lakhs6.50%
2012-13GSDP at constant pricesPercapita SDP115158.00Rs.5.97%
2012-13NSDP at current pricesSDP Total37138412.00Rs. in lakhs13.22%
2012-13NSDP at current pricesPercapita SDP110314.00Rs.12.67%
2012-13NSDP at constant pricesSDP Total34861581.00Rs. in lakhs6.28%
2012-13NSDP at constant pricesPercapita SDP103551.00Rs.5.76%
2013-14GSDP at current pricesSDP Total46504121.00Rs. in lakhs12.79%
2013-14GSDP at current pricesPercapita SDP137515.00Rs.12.28%
2013-14GSDP at constant pricesSDP Total40278133.00Rs. in lakhs3.89%
2013-14GSDP at constant pricesPercapita SDP119105.00Rs.3.43%
2013-14NSDP at current pricesSDP Total41726497.00Rs. in lakhs12.35%
2013-14NSDP at current pricesPercapita SDP123388.00Rs.11.85%
2013-14NSDP at constant pricesSDP Total36470677.00Rs. in lakhs4.62%
2013-14NSDP at constant pricesPercapita SDP107846.00Rs.4.15%
2014-15GSDP at current pricesSDP Total51256405.00Rs. in lakhs10.22%
2014-15GSDP at current pricesPercapita SDP150824.00Rs.9.68%
2014-15GSDP at constant pricesSDP Total41995555.00Rs. in lakhs4.26%
2014-15GSDP at constant pricesPercapita SDP123573.00Rs.3.75%
2014-15NSDP at current pricesSDP Total46061432.00Rs. in lakhs10.39%
2014-15NSDP at current pricesPercapita SDP135537.00Rs.9.85%
2014-15NSDP at constant pricesSDP Total38213426.00Rs. in lakhs4.78%
2014-15NSDP at constant pricesPercapita SDP112444.00Rs.4.26%
2015-16GSDP at current pricesSDP Total56199361.00Rs. in lakhs9.64%
2015-16GSDP at current pricesPercapita SDP164554.00Rs.9.10%
2015-16GSDP at constant pricesSDP Total45121002.00Rs. in lakhs7.44%
2015-16GSDP at constant pricesPercapita SDP132116.00Rs.6.91%
2015-16NSDP at current pricesSDP Total50590997.00Rs. in lakhs9.83%
2015-16NSDP at current pricesPercapita SDP148133.00Rs.9.29%
2015-16NSDP at constant pricesSDP Total41115015.00Rs. in lakhs7.59%
2015-16NSDP at constant pricesPercapita SDP120387.00Rs.7.06%
2016-17GSDP at current pricesSDP Total63488640.00Rs. in lakhs12.97%
2016-17GSDP at current pricesPercapita SDP184979.00Rs.12.41%
2016-17GSDP at constant pricesSDP Total48530154.00Rs. in lakhs7.56%
2016-17GSDP at constant pricesPercapita SDP141396.00Rs.7.02%
2016-17NSDP at current pricesSDP Total57059076.00Rs. in lakhs12.79%
2016-17NSDP at current pricesPercapita SDP166246.00Rs.12.23%
2016-17NSDP at constant pricesSDP Total44361530.00Rs. in lakhs7.90%
2016-17NSDP at constant pricesPercapita SDP129251.00Rs.7.36%
2017-18GSDP at current pricesSDP Total70158826.00Rs. in lakhs10.51%
2017-18GSDP at current pricesPercapita SDP203399.00Rs.9.96%

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