Thrissur is known as the cultural capital of Kerala, and the land of Poorams. Thrissur is a revenue district of Kerala situated in the central part of that state.

Area: 3030 sq km
Population: 3121200
Literacy Rate : 95.32%
GDVA at Current Prices : 67881 Cr (2020-2021)
Gross cropped area (2019-20) : 166482 (Hectares)
Blocks : 16
Villages : 255
Urban Localbodies:7
Taluks: 5
Panchayats: 86
Assembly Constituency: 14
Date of formation: 01-11-1956

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Deputy Director

Smt. Sincymol Antony K.


District Offce Economics and Statistics Thrissur, Civil Station, Ayyanthole, Thrissur 680003

Contact: 0487 - 2991125, Email:,


Taluk Statistical Offices



VIJAYAKUMARAN    S                           


Taluk Statistical Office Thrissur, Civil Station, Ayyanthole, Thrissur- 680003

Contact: 0487-2991124, Email:

 KRISHNANUNNY N                                                     TSO, KODUNGALLOOR

Taluk Statistical Office Kodugallur, Mini Civil Station, Kodugallur, Thrissur- 680664

Contact: 0480-2993200, Email:

 THILAKAN K K        


Taluk Statistical Office Mukundapuram, Mini Civil Station, Irinjalakkuda, Thrissur- 680125

Contact: 0480-2993225, Email:

BINDHU   C         


Taluk Statistical Office  Thalappilly, Mini Civil Station, Wadakkanchery, PIN- 680582

Contact: 04884-299062, Email:, 



Taluk Statistical Office Chavakkad, Mini Civil Station, Chavakkad, Thrissur- 680506

Contact: 0487-2991145, Email:

State Public Information Officers

District Offce, Thrissur 

Smt. Sincymol Antony K., Deputy Director, Phone: 0487 - 2991125, 9497685505                                           Email:,

Taluk Statistical Office, Thrissur

Sri.Vijayakumaran S , Taluk Statistical Office Thrissur ,Phone : 0487-2991124, Mobile :9446246379

Taluk Statistical Office, Kodugalloor

Sri. Krishnanunny N , Taluk Statistical Office, Kodugalloor ,Phone : 0480-2993200, Mobile :9446376785 Email:

Taluk Statistical Office, Mukundapuram

Sri. Thilakan K.K. ,Taluk Statistical Office, Mukundapuram ,Phone : 0480-2993225 Mobile :9495169219 Email:

Taluk Statistical Office,  Thalappilly

Smt. Bindhu C ,Taluk Statistical Office,  Thalappilly ,Phone :04884-299062, Mobile:8078183988          Email:

Taluk Statistical Office, Chavakkad

Sri. Prakasan M,Taluk Statistical Office, Chavakkad, Phone :0487-2991145, Mobile:9946051320              Email:

Assistant Public Information Officers

District Offce, Thrissur 

Sri. Joshy V.G., Research Assistant, Phone: 0487 - 2991125, 9846303018                                              Email : ,

Taluk Statistical Office, Thrissur

Smt. Geena C.A.,Statistical Inspector, Phone : 0487-2991124, 9446247471                                                   Email:

Taluk Statistical Office, Kodugalloor

Smt. Shibina P.A., Statistical Investigator Gr-1,Phone : 0480-2993200 ,8943614679                                        Email: 

Taluk Statistical Office, Mukundapuram

Sri. Seejo ML ,Statistical Inspector ,Phone : 0480-2993225,   9497805283                                                      Email:

Taluk Statistical Office,  Thalappilly

Sri. Jithesh K Thankkappan,Statistical Inspector , Phone :04884-299062, 9446375032                          Email:

Taluk Statistical Office, Chavakkad

Smt. Leema Joseph P. ,Statistical Inspector ,Phone :0487-2991145 ,9496419042                                             Email:


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