National Sample Survey


                     The National Sample Survey Office (NSSO), a permanent survey organization to collect data on various facets of the economy to assist in socio-economic planning and policy making, NSSO conducts nationwide sample surveys known as National Sample Survey (NSS) in the form of successive “rounds”, each round usually of a year's duration covering several topics of current interest. The surveys are conducted through household interviews, using a random sample of households covering the entire geographical area of the country. The State governments were invited to participate with matching samples so as to enable the preparation of estimates at sub-state level which was not possible with the ‘Central Sample’ alone. Considering the demands for district level estimates, Kerala State has been participating in the National Sample Surveys from the very beginning with matching samples to provide more disaggregated results at regional level.

The National Sample Survey covers the same topics / subjects at certain regular interval.

o   Population, births, deaths, disability, morbidity, fertility, maternity and child care and family planning. - Once in ten years

o   Debt and Investment and capital formation - Once in ten years

o   Land-holdings and livestock enterprises - Once in ten years

o   Employment and employment and Consumer Expenditure - Twice in ten years.

o   Unorganized enterprises in non-agricultural sectors - Twice in ten years.





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