Labour Statistics


The labour statistics division of the department continued to engage in the collection, tabulation and analysis of data under the Factories Act 1948, payment of Wages Act 1936 and Industrial Dispute Act 1967 and preparation of reports for dissemination. The returns (Annual and Half Yearly) under Factories Act which are statutory in nature are collected from the Factory units registered under Section 2 m(i), Section 2m (ii) and section 85 of the Act. Under the payment of wages Act the factory management are required to furnish the annual returns (From IV) containing the relevant information relating to the workers in the factories earning less than Rs.10,000/-. The non-statutory returns (monthly) under Industrial Disputes Act relating to work stoppage, closure, retrenchment etc. are collected from the establishments where industrial disputes are prevailing. The returns under the Factories Act and Payment of Wages Act are received through the Directorate of Factories and Boilers in this directorate where further processing of the data is done and the tabulated data furnished to the Labour Bureau. The monthly returns under the Industrial Disputes Act are collected through the District Labour Officers/ Chief Inspector of plantations and the same is forwarded to the Office of Labour Bureau. Apart from that, other items of work concerning Maternity Benefit Act are also attended by the Labour Unit.







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