Annual Survey of Industries


 ASI survey is being conducted every year to measure and assess the growth of Kerala’s industrial sector.  The guidelines for conducting the survey are provided by the Central Statistical Office (CSO), IS Wing, Kolkata.  Multifarious information like assets, liabilities, employment and labour cost, receipts, expenses, input items : indigenous and imported, products and by-products etc. regarding industrial units involved in the manufacturing process and repair services of the organized manufacturing sector are collected through ASI survey.  This information is a benchmark for assessing the status of economic growth and thus helps planners and policy makers in framing new industrial policies.

The Department has been conducting ASI Survey since 2012.  The data is collected using the ASI schedules prepared for the purpose.  The Schedule consists of Part I which aims to collect data on assets and liabilities, production, employment details etc. of the industrial units.  Notices and Schedules are issued by the Statistical Officer of the concerned district to the industrial units and the field staff authorized by the Statistical officer collects and verifies the information.  Field work and data entry works are done at the corresponding District offices and the soft copies and schedules are send to the Directorate for validation and further processing.

 The State sample and Central sample are pooled to prepare the State wise and district wise estimates.  After analysing the data, basic information like Number of units (as per National Industrial Classification NIC 2008), Fixed Capital, Working Capital, Capital formation, Income, Profit, and Gross Value Added (GVA) at current prices is published through ASI Reports.  







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